Reader Advised! This project is not spoiler free.


Yoo Joonghyuk and Kim Dokja Companion Clear Cards presented by Momojiji & Daphne.Thank you for completing our interest check. We're opening preorders! Information about how to view the Clear Card ARs and this project's tentative schedule are below.

  • Cards are sold in a set only.

  • Two (2) cards included in each set.

  • Cards are 8.8 x 10.7cm each


Clear Card AR Filters

Constellations observing the Life & Death Companions will be be seen through AR filters! AR designs will be revealed throughout the interest check and preorder period.

AR Filters are images and effects that can be viewed using instagrams features. We've designed each with a unique ORV reference, and we'll share more instructions later on to explain how to see the filters.

Tentative Schedule

This schedule is pending more information to be gathered during the interest check.

Interest Check5/5 to 5/17Online
US Preorder Period5/18 -6/8Online
US Shipping PeriodJune - JulyN/A
International SalesJuneOnline
Dokomi Table 3j466/22Germany
Anime NYC8/24 - 8/25NYC


We will be shipping US orders using standard US letter mail to reduce cost of shipping. So there will be no insurance or tracking number available for orders.We are planning for only preorder sales and convention sales, but cannot guarantee that stock will be available at later conventions. Thank you for understanding!

How to use the ar effects

On your phone, click on the below filter you want to use

These Augmented Reality (AR) effects make use of Instagram's built in camera effects and filters. An IG account and a device with the app are both required. These effects cannot be accessed on browser.

  1. Open the link to the AR effect you'd like to use. You should be forwarded to IG's reel/story creation screen and a loading circle should appear.

  2. When the AR effect has fully loaded, there should be a brief prompt to "Find the Image" and the center icon at the bottom will show the AR effect preview.

  3. Very slowly bring the camera closer to the image while moving your camera in a circular motion until the effect registers. These boys can be testy so no quick movements! The camera may have to get close to the cards in order for them to be recognized.

*Test footage. Final product may differ


The program used to make Instagram's AR effects, as well as how the IG app itself runs them, are both notoriously buggy. We cannot guarantee that these effects will work for all devices at all times.If you have not used an Instagram AR effect before, we highly recommend trying one out to test your device’s compatibility.Here is a link to an AR effect for you to try. The image to be scanned is below.We are unable to refund any card sets due to AR filters not working.

Known issues and possible fixes

If the AR effects are not Loading:

  • Update your IG app. If you are using an iOS device and your IG app is on v329, you MUST update to v330 or these effects will not load

  • Completely exit out of IG (i.e. a forced stop) and restart the app. It may take a couple tries to load

  • Clear the IG cache on your device

  • Restart your device

  • Uninstall/offload and reinstall the IG app


  • Reduce the amount of glare on the scanned image

  • If the cards are on a white background, move them to a darker surface